Last update: Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 11:31 AM.
Bootstrap Demos by Dave
    • My name is Dave Winer. Welcome to my Bootstrap Demos site.
    • Unless otherwise stated, all demos use Bootstrap 2.
    • First, your basic Bootstrap 2 modal dialog.
    • A more advanced demo with a popup managed with a bit of JavaScript.
    • We also have a Bootstrap 1 modal dialog demo.
    • Ask Dialog demo prompts for your favorite color, and then tells you what you chose. Illustrates using a callback to wait for the response from a dialog.
    • Modal with Web Page puts an iFrame inside a modal, allowing you to view a web page from within another web page.
    • An alert dialog informs the user of something you want them to know. Something didn't work, and they need to know about it.
    • A confirm dialog verifies that the user wants to do something that will significant, that he or she might have activated by accident.
    • Here's a demo of Bootstrap 2.0 navbars.
    • I have two tabs demos.
    • Tabs in a modal dialog.
    • Tabs in a web page.
    • Back when I started using Bootstrap, I wrote a blog post on Scripting News with some thoughts about the significance of Bootstrap.
    • I also wrote a post with an intro to the modal demo app. There are a few interesting comments in response to the post.